Communication and Leadership Tools

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” – Carl Jung

STEM is proud to be licensed to deliver both Insights Discovery and Lumina Learning tools. Both communication and leadership tools offer the participant an opportunity to delve into communication styles and preferences and then apply the tools to communicate, lead, and connect more effectively.

STEM incorporates Lumina and Insights tools into customized programs for organizations looking to improve overall communication and effectiveness.

Insights is a global organization which provides a range of tools to foster self-awareness and personal development. Insights programmes work in a way that drives your people towards positive change in the areas of; personal, team, leadership, sales and service excellence.

Developing people and partnerships

At the heart of our own values is the importance of people. We strive to provide your team with a programme of learning that’s unique and enjoyable, recognizes their needs and exceeds their expectations. We build positive, respectful relationships with you and your people to help them reach their potential.

A passion for learning

Known as the Insights’ magic, we inspire, excite and engage your people with the enthusiasm and passion we have for learning and development. Our programmes work in a way that drives your people towards positive change and, crucially, gets their buy-in to your company ethos and values.

Getting results

Our accessible programmes are designed for long-term, measurable results and inspire positive change within your business. You’ll see a transformation in your people – improved performance exceeded objectives, and a new sense of vigour and purpose. Lasting, positive results – that’s what Insights is all about.

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Lumina Learning’s products will help you bring about superior results by inspiring and engaging your people. With Lumina Learning, your organization can:

  • Improve organizational communication, morale and relationships
  • Help leaders grow and develop
  • Develop a pipeline of transformational leaders
  • Better manage staff and create high-performing teams
  • Build the organization’s sales capability and sell more strategically
  • Dramatically improve productivity and personal effectiveness at all
  • Attract and retain high-potential talent
  • In summary, Lumina can drive sustainable improvement in bottom-line performance and profitability through practical people development at all levels.

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LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) is a facilitated workshop process where participants respond to tasks by building symbolic and metaphorical models with LEGO bricks and presenting them to the other participants. LSP

was invented at the end of the 1990s upon request of the LEGO Company itself, which wanted to find new ways of developing its own strategy.

LSP is built on some core beliefs that guide the process and impact the outcome in a very positive way.

  1. The answer is in the system.
  2. No one in the group has the answer to the challenge (neither the facilitator nor the group’s leader); therefore, LSP “is all about participants expressing themselves and listening to each other.”
    • The multitude of contributions to the dialogue is the important part.
  3. In LSP workshops, everyone has a voice and has to express his/her reflections and thoughts – never to produce ‘correct’ answers.
  4. There is no ONE right answer.
    • Different views and perspectives are good things and must come out in the open without anybody saying which is ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’

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