Hospitality, Sales, Leadership TrainingSTEM is a Canadian based training and consulting firm, with a global approach providing expertise in the area of Leadership and Team Development,  Sales Training and Customer Service Excellence.  Throughout our customized programs we focus on building employee engagment and creating energized and motivated teams.

Our beginnings in the  Tourism and Hospitality sector provided expertise in a customer service focussed enviroment.  We quickly found our customer centric focus successful in a number of other industries.  Over the years we have branched out to work with companies who value strong internal and external communication, a progressive sales culture and a customer focused service philosophy.

In addition to a solid foundation in Tourism and Hospitality we have experience and success in the following industries:

  •  Financial Services Sector
  • Software and Technology
  • Retirement Living
  • Golf and Recreation
  • Government Services – Federal and Provincial
  • Retail Sales
  • Meeting Planning and Events
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Non Profit